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Our Mission

Mary’s Land Farm is a working farm and orchard. The food that we grow is certified naturally grown and nurtures the land that it’s grown upon. More than just a sustainable farm system, we aim to build a farm system that regenerates man and nature. What makes us unique is that we also use our food and farming practices to educate adults and children regarding regenerative farming practices. Our regenerative system includes:

  • Katahdin Sheep
  • Red Devon Cattle
  • Rhode Island Red Layer Hens
  • Cornish Cross Broilers
  • Berkshire Pigs
  • Fruit Trees in a Permaculture Environment
  • Market Garden Vegetables

The goal of our summer camp program is to provide young people an opportunity to learn about farming, nature, and our connection with the local and global environment.


We cause nothing to grow on the farm, but only prepare an environment for nature productivity. We thank God for the farm and the productivity that occurs on it. The owners and some employees come from a strong Catholic-Christian understanding of man and nature. They work to encourage a Christian virtue in all those around them. People of all faith, origins, and races are encouraged to participate with us in the farm programs as we strive together to cooperate with nature.


All campers, staff, and directors are required to sign a copy of Mary’s Land Farm Code of Conduct. This form will be provided before the beginning of camp start and must be signed by the camper and his or her parent. The Code of Conduct is designed to make the camp a safe and memorable experience for all attendees. All individuals are expected to respect the rights and dignity of every other individual, their safety and their property. The Code is enforced at all times during the camp.

Infractions to the Code of Conduct must be reported by anyone observing them to a camp director or adult. The Camp Director will be in charge to decide the disciplinary action.

Penalties may include any of the the following:

Sending the individual home,

Suspending camper from activities,

Assessing the individual the cost of damages and repairs, in the event of damage or destruction of property.

Parents will be informed of any disciplinary actions that need attended to. If it is determined that a child is sent home, fees will not be refunded.

The following guidelines are designed to ensure a satisfying experience at Mary’s Land Farm Summer Camp. The individual rights, safety and property of others must be respected.

● Respect the rights and property of others:

Do not touch the belongings of another camper without permission.

There is no tolerance for disrespectful language at the camp, especially since we are trying to encourage Christian virtue.

Do not damage camp property.

All campers must respect those in authority (rudeness, lack of courtesy, and disrespect will not be tolerated).

Physical abuse and fighting is not acceptable behavior.

All clothing worn should be modest and in the bounds of decency.

Items of clothing which display profanity, advertise gang affiliation or products, or slogans which promote tobacco, alcohol, or drugs will not be allowed.

● Be concerned for the safety of campers and staff .

All campers must wear closed-toe shoes for all camp activities.

Throwing objects outside of when appropriate is not safe and will not be allowed.

No jumping or using the ponds on farm property when not guided to.

No camper leaves the property alone and without an adult.

All prescription and over the counter medications must be reported and given to the nurse or camp director upon arrival to camp.

No weapons of any kind will be tolerated on camp property.

● Respect the schedule and the camp that was created for the camper .

When it is time to come in from a break, please be respectful and do as you are told.

Be on time for camp in the morning and be ready to participate.

Be a positive camper for those around you.

Phones are to be used only by staff and camp directors, if there is a need to contact a family member in the case of an emergency, a cell phone will be near.

All children must check in and check out when they are either arriving or leaving.

● The following items and activities will result in immediate expulsion from the camp

No alcoholic beverages, knives, firearms, fireworks, lighters, illegal drugs, matches, and tobacco products are allowed.

No overly displays of affection between anyone, fighting, threatening/physical abuse, stealing, tampering with emergency equipment, and being under the influence of drugs or alcohol are allowed at camp.


Electronic Devices (iPads, Laptops, Nooks, Kindles, Nintendos, and other electronic devices)  at camp are prohibited. At camp, we encourage the camper to connect more to the things directly surrounding them.

Cell Phones: Sending a camper to camp with a cell phone is prohibited. A cell phone at camp will not allow the full attention of the camper and he or she will not develop skills and be able to experience camp 100%. If a camper is in possession of a cell phone, their counselor will take it away from them until 3:00 pm.