Camp Groups

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Camp Groups

Mary's Land Camp offers three age divisions. These divisions are intentionally curated to allow appropriate activities for the growth and development of every age. We believe your child will thrive best in their appropriate age group.

  • SPROUTS (AGES 4-6)
  • FARM PALS (AGES 7-9)


We divide the sprouts group even further between four year olds and 5-6 year olds. We nurture your little ones as they experience the farm from a smaller person’s perspective. They participate in farm life through their senses, holding animals, digging in the dirt, and asking questions. We oversee their petting the animals, collecting eggs, handling chicks, learning about bugs and insects, creating art projects, and listening to stories. Our wee sprouts come bright eyed and bushy tailed each morning, eager to learn and reluctant to leave.


FARM PALS (AGES 7-9) $400

Our young campers get to experience all facets of farm life with age appropriate opportunities. They love participating in farm chores whether it is grooming the ponies or feeding the chickens. We encourage connection with the land and the animals, and provide daily experiences that increase their knowledge through hands-on, experiential learning. Seeing the sparkle in their eyes as they arrive each morning tells us we are doing something right.



The perfect fit for active early tweens. Farm experiences allow them to learn about biology and agriculture, horticulture and husbandry from their daily electives and experiences. Skills are developed that benefit them all year long, instilling confidence as they learn all about cooperative farming and working together. Daily farm life is an adventure in itself to this crew!