Packing List

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Get Ready For Camp!

  • Sunscreen & sun protection (please arrive to camp with it already applied, counselors can not help reapply sunscreen unless we have written instructions by the parent on the registration form)
  • Bug spray (please arrive to camp with it already applied)
  • Hat, or baseball cap - it gets hot out there!
  • Comfortable athletic clothing & sneakers (closed-toe shoes required)
  • Swimming or a change of clothes (mid-drifts must be covered for girls), towel, water shoes or sandals
  • Insulated bagged lunch and snacks (camp provides no food)
  • Water bottle (insulated recommended!)
  • A backpack to keep all your items together

What NOT To Bring: 

Electronics- campers do not need electronics during the camp day. WE WORK WITH NATURE AND NOT TECHNOLOGY!  If you would like to send your camper with a phone, we ask that it stays in the backpack during the day and is only used for emergencies. If a counselor notices an excess of phone usage, they will confiscate it until the end of camp day. 


Inappropriate or immodest clothing, including vulgar images or language.


Weapons of any kind including pocket knives


Please wear modest bathing suits- we ask that no bikinis or speedos be worn during camp. 

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