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Our Experienced Camp Staff

“Do the right thing, do the best you can, and always show people you care. You’ve got to make a sincere attempt to have the right goals, to begin with, the go after them with appropriate effort, and remember that you can’t really achieve anything great without the help of others.”

  • Facilitate healthy friendships and good attitudes
  • Keep ACA guidelines at the forefront of training and throughout camp sessions
  • Stay up to date on in-depth training and first-aid specifically geared to farm life

Creating a team at Mary’s Land Farm Summer Camp is one of the most important tasks throughout the year. Our counselors and directors are chosen for their unique personalities, skills, virtues and great attitudes. The counselors understand their duties to guide and help summer camp kids flourish into the person God made them to be. Through farm experiences, story telling, and team-bonding, the counselor and camper relationships become strong friendships that we hope impacts their lives forever. We truly believe that if we have the best team, we will have the happiest of campers, and have the best camp. 

Health and safety are at the top of our priority list here at Mary’s Land Summer Camp. All counselors go through an in-depth training program on first-aid, specifically geared to farm specific dangers and are readily equipped to navigate through any potential dangers. Our trained staff, customized care-plans and first-aid will ensure a safe and healthy environment for your child at camp. 

Every camp group has a formatting counselor. A formatting counselor is a staff member who has been with Mary’s Land Farm for more than one year and was hand-selected due to their leadership skills to head a camp group. 

Qualifications and Hiring Process: Guided by the American Camp Association, all our counselors are 18 years or older, complete full CPS background checks, and in-depth training. Most of our counselors are enrolled in four-year colleges throughout the school year. Each counselor understands that they are hired to keep campers safe while having a great time on the farm. We pride ourselves in the after camp-hours community that the counselors are a part of to create strong relationships within our team.


Camp Leadership Team

Sam S - Co-Director

Sam hails from just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The youngest of five siblings, Sam has worked with kids for the last seven years, most especially as a lifeguard, swim coach, and Mary’s Land camp counselor (not to mention his eleven years as an uncle). This summer, Sam will serve as the co-director of this camp. Sam can’t wait to share the beauty of Mary’s Land Farm with all the campers and their families!


Emily M

Meet Emily! Emily is a rising senior at Christendom College. She is from Tallahassee, Florida, and is the oldest of six children. This is her second summer serving at Mary's Land Farm Summer Camp, and she is so excited to help kids learn more about farm animals and the great outdoors through various engaging camp activities.

Michael M

Michael is a proud Maryland native who graduated from Loyola Blakefield class of 2021. He loves reading, swimming, hiking, and backyard bonfires with friends. This is his second year as a camp counselor with Mary's Land Farm, and he looks forward to spending the summer outdoors and introducing campers to our awesome animals on the farm.

Leo K

Leo which is definitely not short for Leonidas, is a rising junior at Christendom College who is dedicated to attaining excellent marks in all his classes. A devoted student of political science and literature, he will be a partner for kids interested in learning about the wonderful history and life of the farm. He is excited to work this summer at Mary’s Land Farm and looks forward to helping kids meet the awesome animals and scenery the farm has to offer.

Annie C

Meet Annie! She is a rising Senior studying History at Christendom College and hopes to go into missionary work after College. She is the second youngest of eight siblings and hails from Mclean, Virginia. Amongst other things she loves goats, family, music and traveling. In her free time she enjoys reading and writing poetry, playing volleyball and guitar, meeting new people and trying new things! This is her second year working at Mary’s Land Farm and she is super excited to share her love of nature and beauty with the campers this summer!

Anthony Pueyo

Anthony Pueyo is a current student at Christendom College going into his junior year. He is a hard-working individual who loves the outdoors and helping others. In his free time he enjoys playing soccer, listening and playing music, reading, and, most especially hanging out with his friends. He loves the farm and is very excited to be a Summer Camp Counselor at Mary’s Land Farm this year!

Gianna B

Gianna Barrows has been very excited to start working at the farm again. This will be her third year working at Mary Lands Farm. She is the youngest of 7 children in her family and has 17 little nieces and nephews. Some of her favorite things to do is be outside, travel, rollerblade, read, hike, and play any sport but specifically spikeball is her favorite. She is very excited to meet and grow in fellowship with her co-counselors and be outside everyday with all the kids!

Cece F

Hi! My name is Cece. I live in Pennsylvania with my 4 sisters and 8 brothers . This is my second year at Marysland and I am so excited. I love being outdoors, interacting with animals and playing sports with the campers. I can't wait to do all of that this summer while at Marysland.

Megan L

Megan is the oldest of three girls from Odenton, Maryland. She enjoys playing soccer in her free time, then reading a good book afterwards. Megan is super excited for camp and can’t wait to introduce the campers to all the animals!

Juliana S

Hi I’m Juliana! I am a rising senior at Franciscan University of Steubenville. I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I enjoy hiking, reading and running, and anything outdoors. I am excited to be returning to Mary’s Land Farm this summer and help campers learn about the farm and experience the beauty of nature.

Meagan P

Meaghan is a farm girl from upstate New York, and she is thrilled to be returning to Mary's Land Farm this summer! Meaghan is a philosophy major at Christendom College who plans to work in education after she graduates. Her favorite parts of camp are teaching campers about all the farm animals, and of course, stream time!

Clare W.

Hi! My name is Clare and I am a rising junior at Christendom College. I am a returning counselor from last year and am very excited to be back for another summer! I am the oldest of 8 kids so I have a lot of experience with children. I love playing volleyball, softball and performing on stage! I also love spending time with the animals and taking walks around the farm! I can't wait to meet you all!

First Year Counselors

Catherine R

Catherine is the third of eight children and lives in Pennsylvania. She loves to spend time with her family and friends playing board games, baking, paddle boarding, camping, and spending time in the great outdoors. She also loves singing, dancing, and acting. She is excited about spending this summer on the farm and looks forward to working alongside an incredible camp staff. She can’t wait for everyone to have a fun and joy filled camp experience!

Grace H

Counselor Grace, hailing from Lafayette, Indiana (Boiler Up!), has been surrounded by farms for the last eight years and is so excited to finally work on one this summer. She hopes to share her passion for livestock and sustainable agriculture with her campers, showing them the joy that can come out of care for creation. Grace is a senior at a university in Florida where she studies Communication and Theology. In her free time she can be found Lindy Hopping, practicing yoga, biking, running, kayaking, drinking cold brew coffee, jamming at a rock or bluegrass concert, or playing the same seven chords on her poor guitar in a field somewhere.

Lauren B

Lauren is an Elementary Education major at Franciscan University of Steubenville. She is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has lived there her whole life. She is the second of four siblings. From preschool to high school, Lauren was homeschooled by her parents. Lauren loves praying the Rosary and going to Eucharistic Adoration. She also enjoys pencil drawing and calligraphy, and she has a special love for teaching young children. Lauren is hoping to help the children she encounters this summer grow in their knowledge and talents. She is hoping that her experiences will help her grow as well as she prepares to be a teacher.

Brigid M

Brigid is originally from Washington State, though she now lives in the great state of Texas. She enjoys cooking and baking, as well as crafting, sewing, and other creative pursuits. She is the oldest of six kids and loves spending time with her family. This summer, she is looking forward to meeting the campers, spending time outside, and learning more about farming.

Gemma P

Gemma grew up in Laurel, Maryland and is now a student at Franciscan University. She is the second of seven children and enjoys playing games with her siblings. Her hobbies include watercolor painting, baking, gardening, playing guitar and piano, knitting, and hiking. Gemma finds joy in the little things of everyday life and loves to share her enthusiasm for the outdoors. She is very excited to spend time with kids and farm animals at Mary's Land Farm this summer!

Frances S

Frances is from Madison County, Virginia. She attends Ave Maria university where she studies Environmental Science and Theology. In her free time, Frances enjoys a good laugh, volleyball, pickle ball, hiking, running, singing, reading, traveling, and experimental cooking. She has 2 older sisters, 2 dogs, sheep, chickens and a cat. Something she is looking forward to this summer is seeing the kids react to all of the various animals on the farm and planning fun crafts!

Teresa M

Teresa M. is a native of Tallahassee, Florida who enjoys the goodness of hands-on fun. She is the second of six children, and, as a former art teacher and nanny, she enjoys nurturing kids through encouraging creativity and collaboration. Her hobbies include long-distance running, crochet, sketching, and painting, while she is also interested in the study of mathematics and science. Teresa is so excited for all of the experiences of living on a farm, from agriculture to animals, and looks forward to teaching campers about them through fun, hands-on activities.

Chiara R

Chiara R. is very excited to be on the farm this summer! She is from north New Jersey and recently graduated from Franciscan University. There she studied education and history, in hopes to be a high school history teacher. Chiara loves to hang out with her family, sing, and watch documentaries. Along with working on the farm, she will be spending time with her family and traveling this summer. Chiara is looking forward to all of the fun that awaits getting to know her fellow co-workers while working on the farm!

Abigail C

Abigail C, twenty years old, lives in Maryland, attending Saint Louis Parish. She enjoys reading, gardening, writing, and making music. She can play the pipe organ and the piano. Abigail has one older sister and a cat named Bell. She grew up in southern Missouri and moved to Columbia, Maryland when she was sixteen. Abigail loves Maryland, and she is excited to meet everyone on the farm!

Rebecca B

Hi guys, my name is Rebecca and I am from near Annapolis here in Maryland! I am a huge lover of all things outdoors as well as books, good movies, time with friends, and naps in a hammock. I am so excited to encounter God through His creation, the counselors, and the campers this summer. I cannot wait to meet you all!

Luke V

Hi my name is Luke V.and I am a student at Franciscan University of Steubenville and from Columbus, Ohio. I am studying History and love to read and explore new places. This past year I was able to study abroad in Austria and loved to be able to experience the diverse cultures of Europe. I am excited this summer to learn and share the skills and virtues of farm life.

Matthew B.

Matthew is a junior college student from northwestern Ohio. He has three brothers and a sister, and his hobbies including hiking, photography, music and cooking. He is interested in philosophy, filmmaking, and marine biology. This summer, he’s looking forward to learning more on the bass and spending time outside.

Katy S.

Katy S. is a college student from Ellicott City, Maryland. She attends the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota. She is majoring in exercise science with a minor in Catholic Studies. She enjoys outdoor adventures like kayaking, hiking, and camping. She is always excited to meet new people and form new relationships. She is looking forward to helping campers enjoy the farm and finding a new love for the outdoors

Ari M.

Ari M. is from Connecticut, and is the oldest of four siblings. She loves to dance, hang out with her siblings, hike, go to the beach, and bike. She is going into her junior year of college and she is majoring in human development and family studies. She loves people and she loves animals and farming. She is very excited to work with kids and learn more about farming as a counselor on the farm this summer!

Michaela S.

Michaela S. is from Maryland and is the oldest of five kids. She is majoring in Elementary Education and has enjoyed working at summer camps over the years. Music, books, and movies are three of her favorite pastimes. She also loves spending time and playing games with her friends and family, especially outdoors. Looking forward to this summer, Michaela is very excited to meet and work with campers on the farm!


Hi everyone, my name is Kevin, I am a rising junior at Franciscan University. I’m double majoring in History and Business Management. A fun fact about me, I’m originally from El Salvador and now I live in Virginia. I really enjoy to play soccer and swimming and the outdoors.This is my first year at the camp and I look forward to work at the farm and teach the kids about all the wonders of nature.

Halle H.

Born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana. Interests include sewing and gardening. I’m looking forward to expanding my skill set this summer and gaining new experiences, while guiding the campers to do the same!

Madeline R.

Madeline R is from Ohio in the greater Cleveland area. She enjoys gardening and running as hobbies. She often helps out working for locals weeding their yards and flowers. She is looking forward to showing the kids the farm at camp and having fun. She hopes to make a positive impact at the camp.

Joshua H.

Joshua is from Northern Virginia, and is very excited to be working for Mary's Land Farm. In his free time, Josh likes to go exploring, playing around on the piano, and spending time with friends. Josh is one of twelve and is super excited to meet new people and be living out on the farm for a majority of the summer working with the campers and the animals.