Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the summer camp hours? Camp is from 9AM until 3:00PM. There is a half day option for Sprout Camp (4-6yrs old)  from 9AM to 12:30. There is before and after care available.
  2. How will the camp follow the guidelines for COVID-19? Here at Mary’s Land Farm, one of our greatest missions is to keep everybody healthy through the food they eat, and the air they breathe. For the summer camps, we will be able to follow the county guidelines perfectly. 1) Our camp runs completely outside. In the case of rain, we have several covered picnic areas in which we will use. 2) Our groups will not exceed the limit of 10 persons: 2 counselors and 8 campers per group. 3) We will implement safe hand-washing throughout the day as well as carry around hand sanitizer as we go. 3) The campers will not come in close contact with anybody who is not involved with the camp itself.
  3. Will my children be safe? This issue is very important to us.  Our camp is licensed by the Maryland State Dept. of Health.  We are required to meet their standards, similar to a daycare provider including background checks and submitting employee fingerprints for child protection.  Some camp counselors are trained in CPR.  The week before camp begins we perform safety training for counselors using best practices from accreditation agencies.  There are no hidden places on the farm where a child and counselor will be alone.  We emphasize an open air environment.  In the rare case that an activity is in a closed room, we have made sure every  room has a door with a window.
  4. Can you give us more information on daily activities?  The mornings are filled with light duty chore activities.  This includes collecting eggs, moving animals, grooming animals. Mid morning is more educational with on farm trips visiting interesting historical sites on the farm, such as the natural spring,  spring house and the ice house,  as well as environmental projects on the farm such as the food forest and the swales and berms. After lunch is dedicated to fun activities.  These usually involve non-competitive water activities and board games if the weather is inclement.
  5. How do kids cool down?  We are an open air camp with a passion for enjoying the environment we are in.  There are no air conditioned facilities.  However, there are nice places to cool down, such as the pavilion and run-in with big fans, as well as recreation areas by the stream.
  6. What if my child has allergies?  We make our best effort to give all children a full farm experience with diligent attention to their allergies.  However, it is very hard to control allergens on a farm.  We have had many successful campers with a range of allergies.  Active parental cooperation is appreciated.
  7. Will you respect our religious dietary guidelines for our children?  You bet.  We have our own particular desires for our children’s formation and we understand parents that desire the same for their children.

About Us

Mary's Land Camp is a Summer Camp situated on 160 acres in Howard County Maryland on Mary's Land Farm


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