Summer Camp Counselor

The goal of the summer camp counselor at Mary’s Land Farm is to advance the education and formation of young people through healthy farm activities, which includes daily chores and fun recreational activities like 9-Square, GagaBall and Archery.

Look forward to making new friends, engaging in social activities after work, and learning about running a modern farm that has sustainable practices!

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The Summer Camp

The Summer Camp program is a day camp run on weekdays for children ages 4 to 14. Counselors must be age 18 or over by July 9. You would be required to work 8AM to 3PM each day. There are opportunities for extra hours each day. Weekend work is also available.

Catholic Formation Opportunities:  The camp is run for the general public and it's curriculum is centered around farming and fun recreation. However, there are Catholic Formation Activities available for all counselors, whether they are Catholic or not. Activities include Adoration, Daily Mass, Formation Talks, Webinars Regarding the Holy Land and Other Topics. (Holy Land Dollars are paid during formation activities as well as during farm work.)

Residential and Commuter Work options are available. You are more than welcome to live on the farm in group housing designated for men and women separately. There is no additional cost for housing as long as you agree to work to keep the facilities clean and organized. Board is also provided for free as long as you participate in a schedule to cook and clean up for counselor meal sessions.

Application Process: 
Please fill out the staff application. You must be Age 18 or over by July 9 this year to be a camp counselor. The application requires three references. Please allow us up to 30 days to let you know if you are hired or not as a camp counselor.

Referral Program:
If a counselor writes your name on the application, and we hire that counselor, we will pay you $200 after their first week of camp!

Other Positions For 2023:
- Morning Activity Coordinator
- Afternoon Activity Coordinator
- Farm Hand
- Archery Coordinator
- Naturalist- Lifeguard

Vacation Policy:
- Vacations are granted liberally.
- However, they must be taken 1 full week at a time.
- Camp is shut down July 1 - July 9.
- There is work on the farm during that time period if you are interested.

Hourly Wage
- Base Pay $14.50
- Previous Experience at Mary’s Land Farm $2.00.
- College Degree $2.00
- College Degree – Teacher $2.00
- Teacher with 1 year plus experience $2.00
- Specialty Knowledge in an Area $2.00

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